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Carriage A

Bill Barber Duo

At just 19, Bill Barber is one of the most exciting young artists in the thriving Victorian Blues music scene.

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Carriage B

Alister Turrill

It would be a generalisation to group 23 year old Alister Turrill with other young roots players. His playing style blends a true form of blues with complex song writing seldom seen in someone so young.

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Carriage C

The Ethan Farmer Band

Ethan Farmer is a blues and jazz guitarist based in Geelong. He is a much sought-after talent, playing onstage alongside Australian music legends like Jimi Hocking, Geoff Achison, Marco Goldsmith, Sammy Owen, Wayne Jury and Chris Wilson. 

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Carriage D

Safari Motel

Performing regularly at festivals around the state SAFARI MOTEL have attracted a large and loyal following. Live performance has been the key to SAFARI MOTEL’s popularity. Their mix of feel-good, high energy original funk, groove, blues and soul music has earned them a place in the thriving Melbourne music scene as one of its most sought after live acts.

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