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Cam started playing guitar at age 7 and it wasn’t too long before he discovered the Blues after hearing John Mayall and Eric Clapton’s “Beano” album. While getting serious lessons full of theory and correct technique it was always the gritty raw music of blues legends like BB King and John Lee Hooker which held a special fascination for the budding musician. This music DID something. It made his heart FEEL something. At 16 he had his first paid gig with a rock band on the sticky carpet of the “Rising Sun” in Richmond and there was no choice but to follow the path of the musician.

Many years and many thousands of gigs with bands like “Relax with Max”, The Brown Hornet” and “Fats Wah Wah” to name a few forged a veteran performer. In 2018 it was time to return to the Blues and it just felt like going home. Cam worked hard at this time to master different tunings for slide guitar and Delta Blues styles as well as becoming good enough on harmonica to carry the tune with some rough edges…..

Belgrave is the home base for Cam Walter Blues and he always draws a good crowd at the pubs there who know they will get a good show and lot’s of dancing and plenty of beer sales.
The band manifesto is practical and straight to the point: “keep it fun, keep it simple, keep it bluesy”. This way if a member can’t make a show it’s no stress for someone to fill in and wing it on the night. With good players it’s a joy to behold the spontaneity and they are invited to sing some songs too. Regular musicians include: David Moore and Neil Richardson on Drums, Sammy Owen and Subb Michalski on Guitar, Bryce Ewing and Grant Cummerford on Bass, Geoff Squires on harmonica.

Cam is currently in the studio recording songs for an upcoming original album.