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The Experience

You don't have to be into blues music to enjoy the Blues Train ... you just have to be up for a really good time.

A night on the Blues Train consists of a meal at the historic Queenscliff Railway Station, followed by a musical journey on a moving steam train accompanied by talented blues musicians.

We have four different themed carriages with different seating configurations. On every show we have a solo act, a duo, a trio and then a full band, each offering intimate concert for just 50 people at a time

The event includes three intervals for rest and refreshment. After each interval your whole group will move into a different carriage to see a different act and the train will move off down the line.

Whether you come with just one friend/loved one or a large group, you're sure to have a great time!

If you don't know what we mean by blues music, imagine the music of the Blues Brothers movie, Aretha Franklin and the Rolling Stones. If you like these, guess what: you like the blues! Contrary to what many people think, blues music is not about being depressed, its transcending life's difficulties and finding happiness. We program each show on the Blues Train to have a diverse range of acts and styles so you're sure to find someone you love - if not all four acts!

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