See all four amazing acts while you Journey along the Bellarine Railway!!



The Blues Train starts and finishes at Queenscliff and rides along the Bellarine Railway. You’ll go on an incredible blues journey down the tracks, and at the end, you’ll be safely deposited back at the historic Queenscliff Railway Station.

We ask all patrons to arrive at 6.30pm. On arrival, you will present your ticket in your hand and move onto the platform (which is heated on cool nights). If it’s raining, you’ll be ushered straight onto the train.

Remember, your ticket displays your carriage order. You will spend time in each of the four carriages, changing during the intervals described later.

A range of merchandise, including drink buckets, wine glasses and stubby holders, will be available at the bar.

READ ON to find out more about the journey: the bar, the meal, departure and music, intervals and finale.

The Bar

6:30pm – 7:55pm

Our Bar is open from 6.30pm, operating from the guard’s van at the back of the heritage train.

There is no access to the bar while the train is moving, so you need to purchase enough drinks to have with your meal and for the first 30-minute journey. The bar reopens at each of the three intervals stops along the way.

We stock a range of great wines, beers, spirits and soft drinks. Click here for a full list of drinks and prices.

NOTE: There’s NO BYO.
Payment can be made at The Bar by either cash or with a contactless with a tap-and-go payment option.

Naturally, responsible service of alcohol applies.

The Meal

7:00pm – 7:55pm

At 7pm, after our official welcome, we will start calling you to come through for dinner in groups according to your starting carriage.

Dinner is served prior to departure and all guests will be dining in their starting carriages A, B, C or D.

Our Blues Train buffet dinner is served by the friendliest service staff this side of the track. On arrival, you will smell the delicious aromas of Smokey BBQ beef and sauteed chicken in a creamy tomato sauce wafting down the station. Our Blues Train caterers have tailored some exceptional vegetable and salad sides to pair with our steamy hot baked potatoes. Look out for the hot sauce tower as well, a favourite addition among our returning patrons.

Our catering team are experts in food intolerance and allergies so anyone with any exceptional dietary requirements should complete our online dietary request form prior to their travel date.

To read more about our delicious menu click here.

Departure & Music


At 7.55pm we blow the whistle and call ‘all aboard’ for an 8 pm departure of your journey around Swan Bay and the Bellarine Rail Trail.

We advise you to stock up on drinks for the next half an hour and make a quick toilet stop before we leave, then board the carriage letter that is listed first on your ticket (A, B, C or D).

The journey includes four musical performances of 30 minutes each, with an interval and rest stop between each. You change carriages at each interval so that everyone gets to see all four acts.

In carriage A we have a duo playing. In carriage B we have a solo musician. In carriage C we usually have a trio playing up one end. Carriage D has seating along the sides and a dance floor in the middle with a small stage up one end for a full band. This is the one that tests your ‘rail legs’ and many think is the most fun.


We have three stop and swap intervals along the Bellarine Railway during the event, which everyone changes carriages and has an opportunity to go to the loo, go to the bar (and smoke if you are a smoker).

We have security available throughout the evening to assist with boarding and ensure safety during travel throughout the event.



The last leg of the event, seeing your fourth act, is usually pretty lively and you’ll probably be up on your feet dancing!

Any remaining unopened drinks can be refunded at the gate; they may not be removed from the venue.

We roll back into Queenscliff station between 11.15 and 11.30pm.
If you have booked transport to pick you up, we recommend advising them of our arrival time and reconfirming direct with your transport provider if necessary.

If you need a taxi or maxitaxi, we strongly recommend you prebook and reconfirm your booking. Understandably there’s a strong demand as soon as the event concludes.