Next appearances on The Blues Train:

In 1983, a young Luke Greenhatch heard news of Muddy Water’s passing, when PBS Radio played 3 Blues tracks to mark the occasion. First Muddy. Then BB King, followed by upcoming artist, Stevie Ray Vaughan. Spellbound by the passion of these players, this moment proved pivotal for the 12 year old guitarist, setting him off on a journey home to The Blues.

30+ years later, Luke is switching on a new generation, playing old-school Blues and vintage grooves at venues across Melbourne and beyond.

Watching Greenhatch, you may hear references to the roots bluesmen who inspire him, but rather than performing licks and tricks, audiences sense an authenticity in his delivery. With pain and pleasure in his pocket, Greenhatch bares his soul.

Lauded for his soul-stirring voice, Greenhatch developed his skills singing with ‘South of The River’ and later, as a soloist with ‘Melbourne Mass Gospel Choir’, performing Spirituals and rockin’ hot Gospel numbers at churches, concert halls and festivals.

Later, Luke formed heavy soul band ‘The Greenhatch Effect’, playing blues-based originals in beloved old pubs such as The Dan O’Connell and The Rainbow.

But it was revisiting the Melbourne Blues Appreciation Society that led Luke to partner with pro players including Stibbo Hanger (The Jump Cats), Nicole Nehemia (Safari Motel), Liam Kealy (Leroyz Hammond Trio) as well as guest spots with Jesse Valach’s band, Iseula (Blue Eyes Cry), and fill-in roles with Black & Blues and Electric Blues Collective.

Now an established solo artist, Greenhatch returns to The Blues Train this Summer, to make his solo debut, having previously wowed audiences in duo with Nicole Nehemia.
Let the good times roll!!