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Mr Black & Blues (aka Michael Pollitt) was a late starter. He started playing guitar when he was 19 and fell in love instantly. He always loved rock’n’roll from Elvis through to Jon Spencer and when you start following the roots of Rock you’re on a freight train headed straight for the heart of the blues.

In 2006 Mr Black & Blues broke his neck in a surfing accident which meant twelve months recovery in a full neck brace and the loss of the use of his left hand for almost a year. Doctors told him the best thing he could do to get the use of his hand back was to play guitar. Slowly music gifted him the use of his hand again.

So, what does Mr Black & Blues sound like? Think Eric Bibb getting drunk with Tom Waits and being told to straighten up by the ghost of Howlin Wolf in a Clarksdale back alley.