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It is impossible to talk about blues music in Australia without Phil Manning being mentioned in the first sentence. Since the late 60’s Phil has been at the forefront of this genre as well as exploring other styles widely. His ability to absorb other styles and craft them to suit his personality has made him one of the truly unique performers of his time.

A founder & continuing member of the now legendary ‘Chain’, Phil Manning has long been regarded as the most effective blues guitarist produced in this country as well as a fine session player.

His solo work has gone from strength to strength with uncompromising musical integrity, & his unquestionable talents on guitar are matched by his songwriting finesse & a keen perception of stylistic purpose. Although his music is much more than blues, those roots are evident throughout his songs.

However, in form typical of all great bluesmen, Phil Manning is best witnessed in live performance. It is here the sheer artistry of his work shines through & it is for this his audience loves him.