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Lazenby Young Blues Guitarist of the Year, MBAS Blues Challenge Finalist and BCs Best ‘Songwriter of the Year’ Rhiannon Simpson has been flooring audiences with her brand of modern, guitar driven blues since 2013. Her aggressive vocal style and virtuosic guitar work saw her play with some of Australia’s finest musicians including Geoff Achison, Joe Camilleri and Jimi Hocking.

Since then she has been invited to perform at venues such as Kingston Mines (Chicago), Ain’t Nothin’ But A Blues Bar (London) B.B Kings (New Orleans) and The Haskell Opera House (Vermont). With two international tours, a solo album and band E.P under her belt, Simpson is a fresh new face dominating blues scenes across the world.

“She doesn’t just play the blues, but really feels it in her soul. Great player, I’m a fan” – Geoff Achison

“Phenomenal, absolutely phenomenal… I’ve played with some folks but my god” – Amadee Castenell (Elton John, Elvis Costello)

“Welcome on any stage with me!” – Joe Camilleri (The Black Sorrows)

“Truly great playing” – Kenny Olson (The Jimi Hendrix Experience Stadium Tour, Kid Rock)