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Embarking on our musical odyssey in 2012, Safari Motel emerged as a testament to the enduring power of collaboration and creativity.

At the helm of our rhythmic journey is Nicole Nehemia, whose mesmerizing vocals serve as the focal point of our sonic tapestry. With each note, Nicole sets a new standard, infusing every lyric with passion and authenticity. Joining Nicole is Bud Noordhorn, a founding member of the iconic White Men Can’t Reggae, whose beats serve as the heartbeat of our sound, infusing it with a palpable energy and groove. Alongside him, Jason Nehill holds court on bass, bringing with him a wealth of experience garnered from his time with luminaries such as Gretchen Lewis
and Phil Para. His melodic undertones provide the foundation upon which our sonic landscape is built, anchoring each composition with finesse and precision. Completing our lineup of talent is Dean James, a virtuoso guitarist renowned throughout Melbourne for his mastery of myriad styles and genres. With his deft fingers dancing across the strings, Dean adds layers of texture and depth to our music, elevating it to new heights of sonic splendor.

Together, we form Safari Motel, a musical entity greater than the sum of its parts. From the first strum of the guitar to the final crash of the cymbals, our performances are a testament to the enduring power of passion and camaraderie. So, step into our world and experience the magic of Safari Motel.