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Zevon Hiltz was gifted his first Stratocaster at age five. To his young eyes it was a magical creature, edged with light and fire. He’s been trying to tame it ever since. Over the past six years he’s led his band ‘the Sure Shot Hunters’ far and wide, through innumerable pubs and foot-stomping festivals. He’s the guitarist for soul/pop diva, Paris Wells and the drummer for comedy rock artist, Huw Joseph. Now, he is embarking on his first solo record. Zevon has spent the past year crafting his debut in “Joe’s Garage”, the studio he and his father/bass player built in the suburbs of Melbourne. Working alongside producer, Kalju Tonamu, Zevon has delivered a debut EP that effortlessly blends folk, blues, country and Caribbean rhythms, forging the soulful soundtrack for that perfect summer Sunday where the drinks are free and the gold of dusk never seems to set.