Here’s all the latest news and happening from the Blues Train over the last few months. 

We still need your support.

The last 12 months have been incredibly challenging for everybody, especially for us in the music industry. When you purchase your tickets, you can now choose to donate to our GoFundMe campaign, which has been running to help keep the blues train alive until we restart in October. Donations are in multiples of $10, starting from as little as $10. Every little bit helps, so please help support our business, the artists and the staff who make the nights possible. 

Alternatively, you can go directly to The Blues Train GoFundMe Page and learn more about the costs that we’ve been incurring since we had to hibernate the business. 

The Blues Train Revival in 2021

We’ve been working hard to revitalise and restart the business, but October will be 18 months since we last rocked the rails. 

On that fateful night in March 2020, when we closed, the founder of The Blues Train, Hugo T Armstrong, said to all the staff that ours will be a case of first to leave and last to come back. Unfortunately, this has turned out to be true. 

But, we can tell you that there is a dedicated team and an incredible number of supporters who have worked hard alongside our volunteer railway to bring back The Blues Train bigger and better than ever. A big thanks need to go to all of our supporters, from the general public right through to the state government, local councils, small businesses, friends and family. Without you, our revival couldn’t have been possible. 

The Blues Train office staff Ainslie and Kate have been an amazing team to work with and wholly dedicated to restarting this unique world-class experience.

We are proud to announce that October revival shows that had support from the Borough of Queenscliffe and the Melbourne Art Centre have sold out! 

Our November Blues Train Revival Shows are now on sale will be running every Saturday night plus, for the first time, they’ll be special shows running independently on the weekend of the Queenscliff music festival. 

Stay In The Loop With Blues News

We also have many more improvements and changes to announce as we get closer to the shows, so stay tuned to Blues News.

If you’re not already on the email list, it’s vital that you join up and get your friends to join up this is the easiest way to support The Blues Train without spending a cent. It means we can contact you and keep in touch with our newsletters, VIP Discount, plus our new priority electronic booking system for all VIP email members. It’s free to join, so this is your first step to get on board. 

Also, we want to give a big shout out to our new digital marketing partners Gareth and Fraser, from Digital Tourism Marketing. We’ve had the pleasure of working with the guys over many years, and they’ve recently started their own business. We especially wanted to acknowledge the work over the last 20 years from Jim, Jon and Fred and the team at One Rabbit, but it’s time to welcome Digital Tourism Marketing on board.

For some months now, the guys have been working with us on the restart of the business and refresh of our look, including some work on our website, our logo and branding, and our digital narrative. You’ll see some fantastic integration that we’ve done with tourism Geelong & The Bellarine Greater Than Campaign, which showcases all the exciting things to do in our region. You can find plenty of ideas about playing in the region and where to stay on our website.

Tick Us Off You Bucket List!

Once again, we want to thank everyone for their support! 

And don’t forget to come to Shake Rattle & Roll with us in 2021. The Blues Train needs to be number one on your post-COVID-19 bucket list! 

Don’t be one of those people who always says, “I’ve always wanted to do that”. Book your tickets to ride here.

See you soon toot toot from all the Blues Train team.