Blues Train Friends, it has been a long 14 months and I’m not quite sure yet who is more excited for The Blues Train Revival Concert Series, us or our loved patrons!  It’s going to be a tight race that’s for sure!

Our first post-Covid VIP Members Pre-Sale is now available to our loyal Blues Train Friends today, until 3rd May 2021.

As a valued VIP Member you are first in line and will skip the queue!

Our amazing artist line ups and October dates are below for you to check out and book in! The Blues Train Revival Concert Series is a once in a life in a lifetime opportunity to revive a business decimated by Covid, with thanks to support from the Borough of Queenscliffe and the Melbourne Arts Centre for The Blues Train Revival Concert Series.

Future show dates cannot be released until current shows are sold out, we need your support for our October shows to revive this unique entertainment experience.

For the first time ever, we are now introducing a VIP Member dedicated sales page, so that you can secure your own tickets in your own time (not that you don’t want to talk to our lovely staff members!).

Revival Concert Series Show Dates

2nd October

Carriage A: The McNamarr Project
Carriage B: Bill Barber
Carriage C: Damon Smith Trio
Carriage D: Safari Motel

9th October

Carriage A: George Kamikawa
Carriage B: Luke Greenhatch
Carriage C: Anna Scionti Trio
Carriage D: Louis King & the Liars Klub

16th October

Carriage A: Kelly Auty Duo
Carriage B: Dean Haitani
Carriage C: The Von Robertsons
Carriage D: Sammy Owen Blues Band

23rd October

Carriage A: The McNamarr Project 
Carriage B: Anna Scionti
Carriage C: The Ezra Lee Revue
Carriage D: Jimi Hocking