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International Blues Challenge Finalist Bill Barber Returns!



Carriage A

Miss Lou’s Blues

Miss Lou’s Blues have been making an impact on the Melbourne Blues scene since 2021, with their authentic take on old school Memphis Blues.  Miss Lou has been part of...

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Carriage B

Bret Mosley

“My music career is the culmination of a fairly common path”, jokes Texas-born, NYC-native BRET MOSLEY, “before making that first record, I did the usual things: ranch hand, linebacker, fur trapper, ballet dancer, stockbroker, actor, computer programmer, Pilates instructor & art handler.”

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Carriage C

The Windsavers

When Aaron Gillett (harmonica), Benny Gerrard (drums, vocals) and Alex Stewart (guitar) entered the 2020 lockdown, they were mere individuals. After months of pupation in the chrysalis of isolation, they...

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Carriage D

Bill Barber & The Holding Cell

Find out why Bill Barber & the Holding Cell are your Dad’s favourite band. Massive riffs, deep grooves, killer vocals and guitar conversations like you’ve never heard before. Bill Barber...

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