Whilst there is no reserved seating on The Blues Train, each carriage has seats for every patron. The exception is Carriage D (the dance carriage) which has seating for 35 along the sides.

Unlike some other industries, we don’t oversell the show – we sell exactly the number of tickets there are seats.

Your ticket gives you an allocated start carriage, and your subsequent carriage order after that.

The carriage orders are as follows:
Start Carriage A – B, C end in Carriage D
Start Carriage B – C, D end in Carriage A
Start Carriage C – D, A end in Carriage B
Start Carriage D – A, B end in Carriage C

Please note these are General Admission tickets. It is vital to book all your tickets in the same start carriage! Booking all tickets under one name in one transaction is your best bet.
So remember if you want to be together, book tickets in one hit! As per our terms of sale, there are no refunds or exchanges available once tickets have been purchase (outside of
those required by law).