Each carriage holds approximately 50 people; capacity is 200 people.

Tickets sell starting from Carriage A. So, if you want your allocation to be A, B, C, D you will need to book early.

This does not mean you can’t choose the carriage you want to be in as your start carriage as long as there are seats available in that section, i.e. you can start in Carriage D and work your way back from there. Everyone still swaps carriages at the stops. Everyone sees the same show.

The carriage orders are as follows:

  • Start Carriage A – B, C end in Carriage D
  • Start Carriage B – C, D end in Carriage A
  • Start Carriage C – D, A end in Carriage B
  • Start Carriage D – A, B end in Carriage C

Carriage A is a 50-seat dining car

Carriage B is a 50-seat car

Carriage C is a 50-seat dining car with a small dance floor

Carriage D is a dancing car with a stage and approximately 35 seats (capacity 50).

It is still essential, as with any event, to purchase all tickets in one transaction under one surname. However, as the individual seats in the carriage are not numbered, you can purchase extra tickets if they are available in your chosen start carriage – as long as you make sure that whoever books the extra tickets books in the same carriage.