You can wear whatever you like on the Blues Train (almost)!

Dress for a celebration, or just wear your favourite old jeans.

It is important to note:

  • Smart/Casual clothing is recommended
  • No workwear (hi-vis, boots, drill pants etc)
  • No thongs,  sandals, Birkenstock style footwear, Crocs
  • No singlets or board shorts
  • No Club colours (at any time)
  • No sportswear
  • No football jumpers
  • No logos or artwork that may be deemed offensive to others
  • Open-toe shoes are acceptable as long as the heel has a strap, and the foot is secure in the shoe, high heels & stiletto’s are not recommended
Blues Train has right of refusal of entry, placed on our interpretation of the above dress code and the words smart casual/practical footwear, etc
The Blues Train does not discriminate based on race, sex, age or religion. If in doubt, ask a friend, use common sense or look at the photos on our website or Facebook page of other travelers and see what they’re wearing.
If you are refused entry on the night, no further correspondence will be entered into and no refunds will apply.

Keep in mind that you will be out until almost midnight, so it will be much colder when you are going home than when you leave the house. Also keep in mind that during the stops (three times during the evening, when you change carriages, refill at the bar, have a smoke and use the toilets) you will be outdoors for about 15-20 minutes while our security staff check and clean carriages.

Even on the coldest night, the carriages get quite warm and on the hottest night, the carriages can be very hot, as they are not air-conditioned. Layers are a good idea! Please note that there is limited cover at Drysdale platform and almost none at Suma Park platform, so if it’s a rainy evening, waterproof jackets are a good idea.