Terms & Conditions

– There will be three prize winners. The winner will be provided with a Gold Card that is equal to 10 tickets, the first runners-up will be provided with a Silver Card that is equal to 6 tickets, the second runners-up will be provided with a Bronze Card that is equal to 4 tickets.

– The codes can be used to book shows on The Blues Train during the 12-month period (1-Jan-19 until 31-Dec-19)

– The Blues Train does not run during June & July.

– Gold/Silver/Bronze Cardholders must still reserve tickets through The Blues Train booking system on their website.

– Shows are subject to availability. Priority booking will not be granted to a Gold/Silver/Bronze Cardholder.

– Use of the redeemable codes on the Gold/Silver/Bronze Cards are the responsibility of the Card owner. Refunds will not be given for incorrect use.

– The Gold/Silver/Bronze Cards and its redeemable codes are not transferable for cash.

– The value of the Gold/Silver/Bronze cards is reusable; if the total funds are not used up in one single transaction, the remaining funds may be reused at a later date provided the card is still valid.

– Any unredeemed codes at the conclusion of the travel period will expire and will not be extended.