40th birthday party ideas

On the lookout for awesome 40th birthday party ideas? Well, for a truly unique 40th birthday party idea, you’ve come to the right place. Countless people over the last 26 years have celebrated their significant birthdays on board The Blues Train.

In recent years we’ve been hosting lots of earlier milestone birthdays. “Kids” that have grown up with their Mum or Dad having an amazing record collection and taking them along to music festivals, have long since discovered blues music. We host quite a few 30th Birthday’s but the most popular would be the 40th and 50th Birthdays. Then again, we do lots of 60th & 70th birthdays on the tracks. The oldest we have hosted so far is a 90th birthday for a gentleman who brought along his entire extended family because he came on the very first Blues Train 26 years ago and wanted to treat everyone to the experience for his 90th birthday!

So, what’s so good about your 40th? Well, you may have had a good 21st, you may have had a good 18th, it may have all been a bit of a dud, maybe you didn’t celebrate either but when you get to the big FOUR ZERO it truly is a big turning point.

Some of your close friends may have started a family, some may not, for those who have, I can bet they’ll be ready and waiting with a babysitter and to party the night away with you like it’s 1999. Lots of you have changed jobs, or career’s, you’ve gotten rid of all your loser mates and you’ve got a quality group friends that are there for you through thick and thin. You might want to include some family members and probably a few guys and girls from the school or university years, but most of all, it really is that halfway point in your life. You’re looking for an evening that no one will ever forget, and everybody will say ‘oh my god I remember your 40th it was a banging success’.

So, what makes for a good 40th birthday party?

Well, of course, it’s the people, places, mates and faces. It’s about getting the right people on the train. Getting to go out with your mates and seeing their smiling faces as you sing and dance the night away and let’s be honest, music really is the soundtrack to our life.

I guess one of the great things about The Blues Train is you can bring a smaller group of your fantastic tribe, go large and book out a whole carriage for your family and friends, or you could even go massive and book out an entire train, the choice is yours!

Lots of people dress up in their best party clothes for an event, but we have had a couple of significant parties over the years that went with an all out theme, and there’s a couple that really do stand out. Of course, The Blues Brothers theme is always popular because there’s so many outfits. From the black-suit-black-hat and the sunglasses right through to the cowboys, the nuns, the police but definitely not the Illinois Nazis! Other very popular themes include The Great Gatsby’s big 1920’s style and the ever fun 1970’s clothing from the decade that they were born. Of course, there’s no need to dress up, most people just keep it simple and come with their friends and have a cracking time.

A truly unique 40th birthday party idea.

Your trip on The Blues Train is aboard a heritage steam or diesel train travelling along the incredible nature filled wildlife area that is Swan Bay. We journey onwards up into the hinterland of Marcus Hill and then on to Suma Park, Drysdale, and then complete our journey returning into Queenscliff.

We will compliment your evening with an American inspired feast of the freshest of ingredients, along with a large range of local wine and beer to keep the good times rolling. Most people stay in Queenscliff for the weekend at one of the range of guest houses and hotels on offer. Sunday can host an array of activities, whether it’s going shopping for collectables in the Main Street or hanging out at the cafes or having a big recovery breakfast.

Some travellers like to follow up their night on The Blues Train with a beer tasting and lunch at the local brewhouse. Whatever it might be we can guarantee it will give you that significant birthday party you’ll never forget.

Jump on board and book your party now.

You can get in touch with us and we can put a tentative booking into our system for you up to 12 months in advance to make sure you secure your tickets for you big celebration.  You can subscribe to a free members list on the website to make sure you get advance pre-sales.

You can also download the ultimate party guide from our website to help plan your milestone. Many of you may have a friend or family member that’s been on before – maybe even to someone else’s significant birthday! You can check out all the trip advisor reviews to get a good feel for our vibe, there is over 400!

See you on The Blues Train, don’t miss out, we’re running August through to May each year.