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Think B.B. King sharing a scotch with Booker T at the Crossroads after midnight. With more awards than you can poke a mojo hand at, what started out as a hair-brained idea between two friends medicating their way through jazz school over a bottle of red has taken them on an adventure that spans the globe. Their multiple gongs, in fact, suggest Lazy Eye delivers some of the best original blues Australia has to offer.
Not all smooth sailing however, it was while broken down on the side of the highway in their well-worn tour van that Lazy Eye learned they had been named Group Of The Year at the Australian Blues Music Awards they were heading too. But regional Australia, where the act cut their teeth, is a long way from B.B. Kings Blues Club in Memphis where they performed to a packed house just one year later.
Evan Whetter’s vocals are gritty with a velvety smack of soul, wielding his weather-beaten Hammond with style as he leads an all killer no filler line up featuring rising star of the guitar Erica Graf and the supremely talented Mario Marino on drums. Lazy Eye’s latest offering Black Hill perfectly captures the band in their native environment, live in concert and has received 2 finalist nominations in the 2019 Australian Blues Music Awards for Best Song and Group Of The Year. This time you can bet they won’t break down and miss all the fun!