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So, who does ride The Blues Train?

Well, if you’ve ridden The Blues Train before, I guess you already know the answer to that… people just like you! But if you haven’t had a chance and are…

40th birthday party ideas

Hosting your 40th Birthday Party on The Blues Train

On the lookout for awesome 40th birthday party ideas? Well, for a truly unique 40th birthday party idea, you’ve come to the right place. Countless people over the last 26…

Tastes Of The Bellarine Peninsula - A Guide For Foodies & Wine Lovers
Queenscliff & The Bellarine Region

Tastes of the Bellarine Peninsula

The Bellarine Peninsula is situated south-west of Melbourne, in beautiful Victoria. If you enjoy spending your time looking out over the ocean as the sun sets, eating good food and…

Wines from Bellarine Peninsula Wineries & Mornington Peninsula Wineries
The Food & Drink

Bellarine Peninsula vs Mornington Peninsula; Who’s Wineries Win?

Fancy yourself a connoisseur of fine wine? Maybe you’re just getting into vino and looking to expand your horizons? Wherever your expertise lies, beginner, maestro or somewhere in between, if…

Getting from Melbourne to Queenscliff
Queenscliff & The Bellarine Region

Getting from Melbourne to Queenscliff – Planes, Trains, Automobiles, and Ferries

Melbourne is the capital city of Victoria and Australia’s second-largest city. Described as Australia’s Mecca of all things tasty and trendy, Melbourne is a beautiful destination and a popular choice…

Love Is All Aboard The Blues Train
Riding The Blues Train

Love Is All Aboard The Blues Train

Let’s get one thing clear, we are no Dear Abby! So, we’re not here to give any advice on love but there is a lot of love on The Blues…

Celebrating 30-years of the ‘The Blues Brothers’
The Music

Think you don’t know blues music? Celebrating 40-years of the ‘The Blues Brothers’

Have you ever seen The Blues Brothers movie? If you haven’t, you’re missing out! It’s still one of the top Netflix movies on high rotation, it’s an iconic movie that’s…

In this article, we provide a list of our top 5 Heritage Railways in Victoria. Learn about the different heritage railways Victoria has to offer here.
Train Talk

Victoria’s Top 5 Heritage Railways. We rate our favourite Heritage Railways in Victoria.

In this article, Blues Train owner Hugo T provides a list of his top 5 Heritage Railways in Victoria. Hugo’s Top Heritage Railways in Victoria The Bellarine Railway The Bellarine…

Where to Eat in Queenscliff & Point Lonsdale
Queenscliff & The Bellarine Region

Where to Eat in Queenscliff & Point Lonsdale – Eat & Drink Like a Local

This is your chance to eat like a local… When you come on The Blues Train you will enjoy a fantastic meal prepared by Lana from Bellarine Catering and Anthony…