Getting from Melbourne to QueenscliffMelbourne is the capital city of Victoria and Australia’s second-largest city. Described as Australia’s Mecca of all things tasty and trendy, Melbourne is a beautiful destination and a popular choice for both international and interstate travellers looking to enjoy a long, languid summer holiday. It is home to one major international airport, the Melbourne Airport (Tullamarine), and a smaller domestic airport, the Avalon airport.

Melbourne is also Victoria’s main gateway to some of the state’s major tourist hubs such as the Great Ocean Road, the Grampians, Phillip Island, Mornington Peninsula, Yarra Valley, and the Bellarine Peninsula. These destinations offer an exhilarating and culture rich experience away from the bustle and hustle of the big city.

Whether you live in Melbourne or are just visiting, the Bellarine Peninsula is one of those must-visit destinations that will expose you to some of the most dynamic and rugged coastal towns that Victoria has to offer. Bellarine is as charming as Mornington – its eastern coastal cousin, but perhaps more exciting, especially for music lovers who get to enjoy the renowned Blues Train. The Blues Train is a live-artist music festival held on an iconic heritage train that attracts over 10,000 people every year.

Whether you’re looking for beaches, wineries, luxury accommodation, great cuisines, or want to experience a mini music festival on a heritage train, the Bellarine is ready for you. Read on to learn how you can get to this jewel in the South-West, from Melbourne.

Getting from Melbourne to Queenscliff in the Bellarine Peninsula

One of the most visited towns in the Bellarine region is Queenscliff – A super-historic seaside town reminiscent of a British seaside resort, within the Borough of Queenscliffe.

This popular holiday destination is considered one of the most beautiful historic towns in Victoria. This coastal wonder offers visitors one of Australia’s most spectacular entertainment experiences, being home to the world’s one and only Blues Train.

It has a vibrant, contemporary cultural scene that dates back. Visitors staying within Queenscliff can explore the whole Bellarine Peninsula and enjoy scenic drives to nearby rugged beaches, alluring wineries, neighbouring seaside villages or ride on the Legendary Blues Train.

When travelling from Melbourne, you can either hop onto a train, a bus, a taxi, an Uber or even a ferry to reach this jewel on the Bellarine Peninsula.

Drive yourself from Melbourne to Queenscliff

If you live in Melbourne and are looking for an enjoyable weekend getaway or holiday destination, Queenscliff is a perfect option. The peninsula is only an hour and a half drive from Melbourne using M1 freeway to Geelong. From Geelong, stay on Bellarine Highway and follow the green signs to Queenscliff. Take time to experience a myriad of attractions along the way. Some of the popular stopovers include:

  • Werribee Open Range Zoo, which has a host of African savannah animals
  • Geelong waterfront that allows you to truly experience the spectacular coastal scenery
  • As you journey from Geelong, stopover at some of the stunning wineries and enjoy the tasty wines and food options. Some of our best recommendations include Flying Brick Cider House, the art-inspired Oakdene Vineyards, and the Jack Rabbit Vineyard.

Getting from Melbourne to Queenscliff in A Taxi Or An Uber

Melbourne taxis are easy to spot. They have a display lamp on the roof and are mostly painted yellow, white or silver. Drivers usually have uniforms and always display their identity card on the dashboard.

If you’re coming from the airport, you can hail a cab from the signposted cab ranks outside the domestic arrival/departure terminal entrance. If the rooftop lamp is lit, the taxi is generally unoccupied and available for hire. The Melbourne Airport website has a page about Taxi service, fares and surcharges.

Some of Melbourne’s major taxi companies include CabiT, Silver Top Taxis, and 13 CABS.

Another convenient and often a more affordable option is using an Uber. You simply need to log into your Uber account, choose your ride (UberX or UberBLACK) and set your location. The app will show you the fare estimates, the vehicle’s details, and the driver’s picture.

When using a taxi or an Uber, the journey to the historic seaside town will take you approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes via the Westgate and Princess Freeways and should cost you anywhere between $140-$180.

Getting from Melbourne to Queenscliff by Vline Train

There are multiple daily services from Lilydale, Southern Cross, or Melbourne Central Railway Station. Take a Vline train at Southern Cross station in Melbourne to Geelong then connect to Queenscliff with one of the multiple regional bus networks at Geelong.

McHarry’s Bus Company have frequent buses leaving Geelong for Queenscliff every day. You can access the trains ticketing service and timetable at the Vline website.

Getting from Melbourne to Queenscliff Using The Searoad Ferry

Searoad Ferries are Australia’s most popular car and passenger ferry service. The all-weather ferries provide a scenic, stress-free passage across the bay. Ferries depart from Sorrento every hour from 7am to 6pm. If you have a vehicle, it is advised to arrive at the terminals at least 20 minutes prior to departure.

This scenic ride will take you at least 40 minutes to Queenscliff after which you can drive or take a short 10-minute walk to Queenscliff train station. You can also pre-book a taxi or a charter bus to take you around Queenscliff.

Take Port Phillip Ferries then uber/taxi/bus

For a truly incredible festival journey, you can opt for Port Phillip Ferries that operate daily between Docklands and Portarlington. Port Phillip Ferries offer a reliable, direct route for people travelling between Melbourne and Bellarine.

The ferry travels along the Yarra River to its entrance, and then south-west across Port Phillip arriving into Portarlington. This 67km trip takes at least 1 hour and 10 minutes, you can then catch a bus, taxi or an Uber to Queenscliff.

Check Port Phillip Ferries schedule, fares, and travel information from their website.

Getting from Melbourne to Queenscliff Using Tour buses

If you’re travelling to Queenscliff with a group of friends or with your family, you can book a tour bus. There are plenty of tour operators in the region that could offer transport for groups looking to be dropped off at the Blues Train after a tour.


Queenscliff has multiple unique events throughout the year, such as The Blues Train. This historic town also offers travellers with a chance to experience miniature art installations hidden throughout the town.

When travelling here, it is important to identify whether you’ll use a taxi, an uber, a bus, a train or a ferry when getting from Melbourne to Queenscliff to avoid last-minute inconveniences. Since each of these options offer different experiences, go for the one that best suits you.