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Tonight is the last show for October 2024!


Carriage A

Jungle Jim Smith

Armed with a 3-string cigar box guitar, bottleneck slide, Strat knockoff and shed-built foot drums, Jungle Jim Smith is a one-man-electric-boogie-band based in the rolling hills of South Gippsland's Prom Country.

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Carriage B

Sam Buckley

Originally from Barraganyatti, on the Mid North Coast of NSW, Sam Buckley lived in Sydney and Melbourne for the last 16 years performing in high-level bands. He toured internationally and performed...

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Carriage C

The Windsavers

When Aaron Gillett (harmonica), Benny Gerrard (drums, vocals) and Alex Stewart (guitar) entered the 2020 lockdown, they were mere individuals. After months of pupation in the chrysalis of isolation, they...

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Carriage D

Laurel and the Painkillers

Laurel and the Painkillers deliver a spectacular mix of covers & original music deeply rooted in blues with branches of rock, pop & groove. The Melbourne based band's live shows are full of energy & passion guaranteed to please their music fans.

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