The Blues Train is ticketed in a similar manner to most theatrical events, i.e. ticket allocation is divided by sections (in our case, carriages). Whilst individual seats in the carriages themselves are not allocated, the start carriage (and therefore the group of people you will be with for the rest of the evening as you progress to subsequent carriages) is allocated at the time of purchase. Therefore, it is essential that when booking, if you want to be with other people who have already purchased tickets, or who are planning to purchase tickets, you know which carriage they are starting in (i.e. A, B, C or D, indicated on their ticket) and also that you ensure that you buy available tickets for that carriage.

If you buy tickets in a different start carriage to your friends, just as with any other event, there is very little we can do on the night. You may be able to find some people to swap tickets for another start carriage, but we leave this strictly to you.

If you realise more than one month prior to the show that you have tickets in a different carriage to your friend, you can contact us on 1300 885 993 and we may be able to help you if sufficient tickets are available in another carriage. (Fees and charges may apply).