The tickets indicate the carriage in which you will begin the journey.

The ticket system will start selling from Carriage A. If you want your allocation to be A, B, C, D you will need to book early.

This does not mean you can’t choose the carriage you want to be in as your start carriage as long as there are seats available for sale in that section, i.e. you can choose to start in Carriage D.

Everyone swaps carriages at the stops. The carriage orders are as follows:

Carriage A is a 50-seat dining car

Carriage B is a 50-seat car with no dining tables

Carriage C is a 50-seat dining car with a small dance floor

Carriage D is a dancing car with a stage and approximately 30 seats (capacity 50).

Please note these are General Admission tickets. It is vital to book tickets under one surname in one transaction, otherwise you may be allocated separate carriages. So, remember, if you want to be together, book tickets in one hit! There are no refunds, see our Terms and Conditions.