It’s not everyday you get to party on a vintage train, and it’s going to be a different ride from your trip on the V/Line or Metro.

The train doesn’t go much faster than 60km p/h, but there are a few parts of the track that can be a bit bumpy – and that’s all part of the fun!

We’ve run down a few tips and tricks on how to find your ‘train legs’ and stay steady when dancing, drinking and having fun on the legendary Blues Train.

Think about your feet

We’ll admit, looking stylish is an important part of the Blues Train experience, and we love to see you decked out in vintage, rockabilly and classy get ups, but it’s what’s on your feet that’s important. We have a strict no sandals policy for your safety and encourage sturdy shoes. If you’re opting for heels, choose a pair with a thicker heel to give you a solid base to walk on. If you’re wobbling on solid ground, you’ll certainly be wobbling on the train! Try to avoid shoes without grip as well, for the same reason.

Find a brace

Much like finding a buddy in kindergarten, find yourself a sturdy mate to lean on. What’s that song by Bill Withers again? While we’re not saying to fall on said person, it’s good to have a mate you can count on when you’re feeling less steady.  And choose wisely, as two unsteady friends paired together is a recipe for disaster – or fun – depends how you look at it! If you can’t find a mate, there are plenty of chairs and walls to help you find your feet – but please, do not go near the speakers or musicians.

Keep it wide

Much like getting low, having a slightly wider stance helps keep your balance when things get rockin’. When walking down the aisles, take your steps slow and think of keeping each foot a consistent distance apart to help you along. In the spirit of walking wide, we encourage droppin’ it low when you’ve eased into the stance.

Don’t fight it

Sometimes the best thing to do is go with the flow. When on the Blues Train we encourage a good dance, particularly on the ‘D’ carriage (we call this the dance carriage) where there are limited chairs to plant yourself on. We’ve hand-selected our liveliest act to get you on your feet, so get up on the dance floor and move with the rhythm. In this carriage, you’ll find there’s plenty of jostlin’ and rockin’, but it’s all part of the D carriage experience.


We’re big believers in wine time, just perhaps not on the dance floor of a rockin’ carriage. Many of our drinks come in cans and bottles, so they are Blues Train boogie friendly, however, our wine

not so much. When drinking an open glass, try to be courteous of those around you, and if you’re having trouble finding your train legs, don’t take a full glass of red with you to the dance floor – we all know how that one ends. There is plenty of time to quench your thirst between carriages and at the tables in each carriage as well. Or if you’re not steady with your glass but still want it with you on the dance floor, opt for one of our canned or bottled beverages.


Hopefully, these tips and tricks help you find your ‘train legs’ on the Blues Train, but let’s not forget, the first step is always to have fun. You can always ask our staff and helpers for more insider hints on the night.

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