If you have a large group you can organise to put some money behind the bar. Please call our office during business hours, a minimum of 7 days prior to your travel date to set this up with our team.

As a guide, we suggest allocating $35 a head (plus GST) to cover base beer, wine and soft drinks. For those wanting premium beer and wine included as well, we suggest $40 a head (plus GST). For an open bar (all beverages stocked) we suggest $45 a head (plus GST). Wristbands will be supplied to all of your group members so they can be clearly identified.

We also suggest adding a few ice buckets and stubby holders to your tab to enable your group to keep their drinks cold. These are costed at $15 and $5 respectively and are yours to keep at the end of the show.

Bar tabs are payable in cash or credit card on the night. Please note credit cards incur a 1.75% fee charged on top of your tab amount.  If paying by credit card on the night, you will be required to leave your card and drivers licence with our bar staff until the account is settled.

We will advise the credit remaining throughout the night. Should the tab run low, you may have the option to increase the limit. If the tab was paid by cash, you will need to bring some extra cash as we do not offer accounts. Any remaining credit on your tab is returned to you at the conclusion of the show (if pre-paid or paid in cash) along with an electronic receipt and breakdown of your tab.

Please note our policy on consumption of alcohol prior to the event:
We encourage groups to enjoy themselves whilst on The Blues Train, however, please be aware that this is a licensed event and Responsible Service of Alcohol applies. We recommend any patrons attending the event to consume light ales and non-alcoholic beverages only prior to arrival. Anyone deemed intoxicated upon arrival may not be permitted entry to the event.

Putting money behind the bar in no way guarantees service of any patron.

This is a consumption tab, where you are charged only for what you consume – ie. not an “all inclusive package”.

To set up a Bar Tab:

  • Review our Beverage List
  • Call our office on 1300 885 993 to advise that you wish to set up a tab, and the estimated amount