Blue is symbolic for a lot of things in Geelong. It’s one of two colours of our beloved football team, the logo of the much-loved Furphy beer brewed in Geelong as well as part of the namesake and branding of The Blues Train.

“Furphy is locally brewed around Geelong and it’s been great year on year,” Lion sales executive Corey Stafford says. “It just felt like a great fit being based in Geelong. The blue logo of Furphy and the Blues Train go hand-in-hand.”

Furphy first appeared on tap at the South Geelong brewery in 2014 before quickly becoming available in packs due to the beer’s popularity. At this point, it was only available in Geelong and served as a thank you to the warm reception from locals to Little Creatures’ new location.

“It absolutely snowballed and was in packs shortly after and went bigger from there,” he says.

The iconic blue logo has become so popular in the Little Creatures catalogue that the once Victorian-only beer is now available across the country. Furphy also stands as their top seller in its home state—selling more than James Boags, XXXX Gold and Boags Premium.


Furphy takes its name and pays tribute to the Furphy family of Shepparton, who produced water tanks for more than 100 years. During World War I, the Furphy water carts labelled with their trademark ‘J. Furphy & Sons’ were delivered as fresh water supplies to Australian Army personnel.

Labelled as the “refreshing ale”, Furphy features a touch of fruity hops, some delicate malts and a gentle bitterness. It’s made from 100% Victorian hops and malt.

With the popularity of Furphy and the Blues Train, it’s clear they share more in common than just the colour blue. Corey didn’t quite realise just how popular the Blues Train was until he rode on it himself when he first started with Lion three years ago.


“It was one of the first things when I started with Lion and when I met Hugo he threw me a few tickets,” Corey says.

“He said bring your wife and a couple of friends and come have a good night out, because it’s something you need to experience to fully understand if you haven’t been on it before.”

The experience allowed Corey to see how punters enjoyed the night and how, like Furphy, it’s something iconic to the region.

Admitting the Blues Train is always a “fun visit”, Corey makes a trip whenever he can and will do so later this year for his Christmas work break up. Chances are you’ll catch him drinking a Furphy or two as he listens to some of the region’s finest blues musicians.

To enjoy a Furphy on the Blues Train, simply book one of our shows here.