When it came to creating the first buffet style menu for the Blues Train, Hugo and his catering team took inspiration from the blues and the event itself.

One of the biggest changes saw the addition of the ever-popular pulled pork sliders – which often saw patrons come back for seconds – and the eight-hour slow-cooked Cape Byron Angus Beef in a blues-inspired sauce (an item still on the menu). Other exciting additions were the roast pumpkin and chickpea salad and cauliflower, broccoli and roast pumpkin cheese bake. The menu on the Blues Train is seasonal, ensuring local produce is utilised to the best of its ability and the change of dishes keeps things exciting for our first timers and regular attendees.

“Our local butchers sourced us an exceptional product from Cape Byron and we slow cook the beef over eight hours with a special blend of blues-inspired spices. We found an original smoky sauce that we fell in love with and this combined with our love to cook we ended up with a beautiful soul-comforting pulled beef that pairs exceptionally well with a fresh bread roll and some coleslaw,” Hugo says.

Salads are made fresh on the day and utilise the teams passions of delicious wholefoods that everyone can enjoy. There are several dietary sensitive dishes, with gluten-free and vegetarian options available.

“Fresh, fun and tasty is our theme for the train,” he says.


As we approach daylight savings on Sunday, October 7, the Blues Train menu changes to its second menu for the year. Items on this menu include the slow-cooked Cape Byron Angus Beef; creamy oven-baked mustard chicken breast; fresh seasonal tossed leaf salad; spinach, feta and bacon pasta salad in basil pesto; summer inspired coleslaw; oven-baked jacket potato; roast pumpkin and chickpea salad and a pea and cucumber rice salad.

While creating a menu to suit the diverse audience of the Blues Train may be a challenge, our team of caterers find joy in making sure each night is one they’ll never forget.

“Food brings people together and making sure that they have a beautiful menu to match makes the whole experience better. We love honest good cooking as well as some of the fancier things. When a celebration comes together with good friends and good food then we create memories that will last a long time. That is what I love about food. It is a memory maker.”


You can read up on the Blues Train menu here.