Where to Eat in Queenscliff & Point LonsdaleThis is your chance to eat like a local…

When you come on The Blues Train you will enjoy a fantastic meal prepared by Lana from Bellarine Catering and Anthony her Chef. Lana also runs an amazing food rescue business called Feed Me Bellarine.

We cater for all tastes on The Blues Train and we have two menus – one for the “Moonlight Season” which runs over Eastern Standard Time and one for the “Sunset Season” which runs over Daylight Savings Time. See our current menu……

Lots of people want to know where to eat in Queenscliff & Point Lonsdale like a local. The founder of The Blues Train, Hugo T, coincidentally loves to eat and drink and grew up in Point Lonsdale, so here’s some tips from him based on where he and his family love a cheap eat and a great experience.

Number one is the Oceanview Kiosk.

Open most weekends. Darren and Jude, plus Glen and the team are incredible and the food that comes out, combined with the multi-million-dollar view of the Queenscliff heads is to die for. We love the fish wrap, the big vegetarian breakfast (with bacon) and the best coffees in town.

The Queenscliff Brewhouse is a must for a beer or a gin. They also have a whiskey bar and a ‘Tastes Of The Bellarine’ experience in the old dining room of what was formally The Esplanade Hotel.

Right next door to The Brewhouse, you’ll find Cliffe’s Pizza, where all the locals get their pizzas. You can also dine in. You can even get a glass of wine or a furphy beer. We like to eat on the street out the front.

For fish and chips on the other side of The Brewhouse in the art deco building is the incredible Trident Fish and Chip Shop – run by a Greek family for decades and regularly winning top awards for their fish and chips. See our man Fonda – he’s a real dude and has an incredible recording studio out the back, by the way.

Down at the harbour, Mi Shells Floating Fish Shop is not far from The Blues Train and has the best local seafood. We love to get some fresh oysters, or if you have never eaten a scallop straight out of the shell raw, it’s an incredible experience. Plus, there’s heaps of local fish you can try and experience the freshest seafood the harbour has to offer. The harbour itself is also a great place for a walk and a hang out.

Queenscliff is famous for its ice cream from the main street; Hesse St. We always make sure we grab an ice cream and have a wander through all the shops when we’re in town on a hot day.

If you prefer a coffee and a lovely piece of slice or a bite for lunch, make sure you check out Saltbush Fine Foods, just opposite the side of the Vue Grand Hotel – it’s also a must!

In Point Lonsdale, Pasquinis Daly is a must. It’s in the hero position right in the middle of the main street and the team from Pasquinis started The Blues Train with Hugo T 25 years ago. Pasquinis is the most iconic venue. Rick and his wife Carroll, their two sons Mark and Ned and the rest of the team are well known around Australia for their incredible food, hospitality and atmosphere. Whether it’s lunch, breakfast or dinner – Pasquinis is a must, and it’s waterfront location makes it a perfect opportunity to stop for a swim on the beach or take a walk along the promenade or up to the Lighthouse.

If you’re down in January, two of the best experiences are going to the live music concerts and checking out the pop-up food truck at the Point Lonsdale Board Riders, right under the Lighthouse. You can also go up and have a tour of the Lighthouse for the most local experience around. Also, there’s barefoot bowls at the Point Lonsdale Lawn Bowls Club. It’s no coincidence that The Blues Train sponsors and supports all of these local Point Lonsdale community groups.

Travelling a little bit further afield if you’re heading back through Geelong, make sure you stop in at the Little Creatures Brewery and check out the home of Furphy beer. If you’re looking for a bite to eat, stop in at Pistol Pete’s in Little Malop Street. It’s the best place to experience original New Orleans cooking and some great blues music, especially on a Sunday afternoon.

While you’re in the area, you can also experience our amazing wine culture around the Bellarine region, including Jack Rabbit Winery and Flying Brick Cider House.